Saree- Interesting latest trends to wear a Saree & Reinvent your look

Interesting Latest Trends To Wear A Saree

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An interestingly draped saree is an excellent conversation starter in a party.

Saree being the most interesting & versatile outfit worn in India & abroad is continuously undergoing transformation and many new trends are being innovated every season.

Sari is one outfit, which can instantly add the glamour quotient to your personality.

There are many innovative & fresh ways of wearing a sari, which can give you the oomph look.

Here are some of the new and very interesting ways to wear a saree that you must try to make a strong & bold statement with your fusion sari to standout in the crowd.

Saree with a stylish Shirt or a Jacket – You can try pairing your saree with an interesting full-sleeved shirt instead of blouses. This will give you both style and comfort and especially if you constantly worry about those un-toned arms.


Alternatively, you could also ditch your patent blouse and switch to peplums to outré your sari this season!

You could select from a range of designs starting from peplums to a Peter Pan collar blouse, made popular by the Bollywood fashion icon, Sonam Kapoor. Many bollywood heroines such as Sonakshi Sinha, Vidya Balan, Shilpa Shetty have made these unique looks very popular.

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Make a chic statement with a quirky blouse or a Tunic – Popular fashion designers have pulled the fashion scene in India to a more unconventional and trendy frame. You can not only experiment with the saree but also do a makeover of your sari blouse. You could transform a simple sari with a kurti blouse to be worn over the sari; a quirky outfit will get people to gaze at you in admiration! The latest trend is to pair it with a tunic blouse making it a lot more fun to wear at more number of occasions; it is very chic & modern.

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Reinvent the Saree Over Leggings, Pants & Palazzos: Dare to look younger, chic and modern. Traditionally, a saree is draped over a petticoat. Latest trend that is emerging on the fashion circuits are to drape the saree over leggings. If restraint is not your strong suit, this unique sari is for you, which, to quote the cliché, looks as vintage as it does modern. You can team it with chic blouses, long jackets and waistcoats.

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Different ways to wear the pallu stylishly – Get the glamour diva look where pallu doesn’t fall off the shoulder. The sari is draped including the pallu in it. You can also wear a Duppata style pallu where the usual pallu goes on left shoulder first and takes a turn on the neck and comes on right shoulder. Saree Holder is also a new innovation in saree draping styles this season. Here, the blouse usually has a metallic roll pin that holds the pallu like a rolled up scarf.

Saree with a Stylish Belt for that glamorous look – An interesting belt can work as a support to hold the saree in place and with the distance you want to maintain. It usually creates a very nice slimming effect on the saree. Many sarees are being worn with belts these days. This gives a different look even to the most ordinary sarees and holds your pleats in place and gives you that one essential accessory that will turn your sari from a sloppy mess to a razor-sharp power outfit. Works for the workplace too.

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Make a statement with these trendy ways: If we still haven’t managed to convince you to try the six-yard wonder, and then test the waters with these variations by designers. Almost every major fashion house in the world has their versions –

Pleated Wrap Saree This saree has first been pleated several times. It has then been wrapped with double pallus resembling a gown.

Toga Style Saree – This saree is draped and worn without a pallu. Instead of the pallu, the end of the saree is pinned to the blouse making the ensemble look like a toga.

Chhotu Sari: It wasn’t surprising that this sari caught everyone’s imagination the moment it debuted on the ramp. Stopping short at the lower calves, it’s about six inches above the ground and supposed to draw attention to sexy ankles and even sexier footwear.

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Sari Gown: The way this sari looks, we’d hardly call it a sari. It’s more like sexy summers wear with pleats in the front. Slit all the way to the mid-thigh on both sides, the blouse is swimsuit style, cut on either side of the waist, with a pallu attached to the shoulder.

Saree to look like a star in these designer looks – During Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, leading fashion designers introduced new fashion trends that cut across all age groups.

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Manish Malhotra: the designer layered the black garment over a red metallic ghagra. The resulting contrast of translucence and metallic shine created a rather sensual combo.

Abraham & Thakore: the designer duo created a short sari dress, worn over a pair of cigarette pants. Perfect for those who find the sari’s voluminous layers unmanageable.

Masaba Gupta: Imagine wearing the sari over palazzo pants held up by suspenders. That’s exactly what the designer introduced for a younger sari fans, and we’re keen to see this one hit the party circuit.

Tarun Tahiliani: the designer introduced a drape that is worn with dhoti pants and his signature-embroidered gilet, the sari ended mid-thigh with a long pallu trailing the floor.

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Anju Modi: Modi paired jackets and trench coats with elegant saris. Decorated epaulets on her jackets helped secure the pallu crisply in place.

Dev R Nil: Known for quirky prints, they showed off an interesting styling technique by pairing the sari with a bolero. The final touch – twirl the pallu around the neck as a scarf, useful for those unpredictable Indian seasons.

Kiran Uttam Ghosh: Polo necks & saris are an unusual fusion; team a pleated sari with a polo neck, secured with a belt.

Payal Pratap teamed saris with peplum cholis and modernized with a velvet bandhgala.

How to complement your body type – Isn’t it the most universally versatile garment put on earth to save women in times of fashion stress? Here’s what you should opt for depending on your body shape:

Apple-shaped: A narrow pallu can make you look odd-shaped. According to expert sari drapers, you should avoid transparent chiffon saris. If you do wear them, make sure your blouse is stitched extremely well.

Heavy/ Pear-shaped: Pear-shaped women should opt for minimum pleats on the stomach. Tighten the sari well so it skims your body, instead of making it look heavier. Dark colors also make a plus size women look slim and beautiful.

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Slim/petite women: You could try using new styles like Full Body Wrap pallu styles. Unlike the traditional saree that is pleated around the waist, this saree is wrapped all over the body. The saree has been wrapped in concentric circles all over the body. You could also wear innovative blouses where the pallu of the saree is tucked under the blouse straps.

While choosing a perfect saree for you, the following things should be kept in mind in order to make you look gorgeous, choose your saree as per your body type –

Saree for Tall Women: Choose a saree with bold colors, large prints and broad borders, as this will not let your excess height being noticed. Sheer Sarees with lace work gives taller and slim women gorgeous and sexier look.

Saree for Short Women: Choose a saree, which creates an apparition of length. Most of the designers advise to go for saree with shorter borders if your height is short & avoid large prints.

Saree for Overweight Women: All kind of lightweight sarees such as Georgette, Chiffon & Crepe are best suitable for overweight women. Try to choose dark colors to give you slim and beautiful look. Saree should fit closely while draping so that it gives you a slimmer look.

Saris for Voluptuous Women: Chiffons, Georgettes and Silk Saris are best outfit for voluptuous women to show their natural curvaceous body figure sexier.

Go out and drape the saree in a sexy fun way to impress your friends and give yourself a complete makeover and get tons of envious looks for your unique style quotient!