STYLE FILES | Effortlessly Handsome ~ Vishnu Sharma

Now here is our chance to reiterate the fact that Style Files is not just about how people dress or the way they look. At Touch18 we believe that there is something magnificent in each one of us. And Style Files is an attempt to capture this magnificence, to celebrate the little things that make every person one of a kind.

In this edition, we present to you, the suave and sophisticated Vishnu Sharma. His friends like to call him Mr. Nice Guy and his family says his warmth is his greatest asset. Here’s a few things that make Vishnu special.

The Chivalrous Gentleman

Chivalry is a dying art. But this is one guy who does not have to work hard to be chivalrous. The women (read family and friends) in his life say he is a natural. Someone who respects women and knows how to make them feel special, Vishnu is a well bred and thoughtful man. We suppose that justifies the female fan following he enjoys and that includes the little women he calls nieces.



Understated Style 

While he does not really follow fashion, Vishnu could teach us a thing or two about looking well dressed. He likes to don the well turned out look and is not really a brand freak, but admits that over the past few years he has developed a liking for certain brands because of the fit and the durability they offer.

Not very fond of shopping, much unlike his better half Priyanka. Likes to sport the simple, classy and understated look. You may not spot him wearing an Ed Hardy graphic but a Lacoste, yes. Now we know who buys those expensive tees!


Doggies Ka Devta

Yeah that’s what his wife, Priyanka likes to call him. When he is not indulging his two Labradors, Vishnu likes to go for long walks and befriend and pamper stray dogs. Incidentally, a love for four legged creatures is one of the many things this cute couple has in common.


A Gentle Soul

A warm, affectionate and down to earth guy is how his peers describe him. Have you ever come across someone who has a calm face? Vishnu is that guy, say people who know him closely. He has an ease about him that makes people comfortable in his presence.

While chatting up his old time buddies, we also learnt that he genuinely feels for the disadvantaged and does not like wasting food or money.


A Riot Altogether

Just when we were starting to think we have been introduced to a real life hindi movie hero who is all goodness and goodwill, we learnt that our Mr. Nice Guy has a cheeky side to him which only people close to him get to see. This guy is a prankster par excellence and while he loves to make people happy, he makes sure not to miss the opportunity for a good laugh.



So these were just a few things that make Vishnu a special  person. There’s more to every person than what meets the eye. If this blog reminded you of someone whose awesomeness must be shared with the world, drop us a note at, leave your contact details and we will call you back in 48 hours.

As we keep saying, we love to indulge.

Stay Fabulous. Stay Young!

Team Touch18