STYLE FILES | The Unapologetic Fashionista ~ Monika Bhardwaj Batra

“I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.” —Carrie Bradshaw

There are women who follow fashion and then there are women who invent it. On our facebook fan page, we stumbled upon Monika Bhardwaj Batra, a woman who exhibits a strong, clear identity brimming with self assurance. A professional, a mother, a doting wife and a perfectionist, looking good and making her surroundings look equally beautiful comes naturally to this globe trotter.

Here’s a lowdown on why we thought Monika was the perfect candidate for the second edition of Style Files.

Love Yourself First!

Someone who loves to challenge the redundant notion that puts women last in their own list of priorities, Monika believes in treating herself as well as she treats others. Her life mantra – “Learn to love yourself and invest in yourself, because if you can’t take care of yourself, you probably can’t take care of anyone else”. We agree.

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink


Ah, The Shades of a Woman!

Monika’s willingness to experiment with fashion and the confidence with which she carries a variety of outfits had us floored. Classy, fun, traditional, feminine and very very modern, this girl knows how to dress for the occasion.

Her Designer’s Muse

Connoisseur de Couture  

Monika’s first job with Louis Vuitton and her passion for travelling brought in her an awareness for fashion & the good things in life. With a wardrobe that boasts of some of the world’s most tasteful pieces from leading iconic fashion brands, Monika is THE expert on clothes, fashion accessories, travel and personal style.

Fashion Icon(s)


Live and Let Live!

Believes in living a happy, uncomplicated life and collecting moments that matter, than spending time in mulling over trivial issues. That explains why she receives so much love from friends and family. Values hard work, lives a disciplined life and makes sure she is never too busy for the people she loves.


Understated Style


Beauty with Brains

There’s more to our lady than closets full of designer clothes, and shoes, and bags. Having started her career at the tender age of 19, while some of her peers were doing regular college, Monika opted for studies through distance and landed her first job at Bangkok, and then there was no looking back.

Today, as HR Director for a Leading British Automobile, her first choice of candidates is often the well prepared, well groomed people. “If they care enough to read and prepare well and care enough to present themselves well, they probably will care enough for the role they are assigned.”


Pretty on the Inside

Honest, forthright and a very happy person is how people describe her. Buddies from school say our dear friend looks pretty much the same as she did about 20 years ago. We say maintaining an hour glass figure and the porcelain skin comes easy when you are mindful of how you want to see YOURSELF.



The Reliable Friend

A very social person, this girl says meeting friends and family keep her spirits high. Loved ones swear by her helpful nature, saying she is one who will happily lose her millions to save a loved one’s penny. Always willing to listen and give advise, her friends vouch for her amazing sense of timing for almost everything in life.

Pristine in White

Pristine in White 


Oh Yeah, She is Taken.

Swept off her feet by the love of her life, Monika married Sumeet in the year 2005. No-No, its not a fairy tale affair, they have their share of fights which each time leads to a havoc, and yet the sense of togetherness gets better as they make up.

Both share similar passions for travelling, good things and freedom in life. We say HE got lucky. She says its the other way round. A doting wife and a loving mother – 100 kisses a day is her target for her son Kabir.   





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