Top 5 Summer Fashion Mistakes You Can Do Without

Summer is the time when you can go wild on style and experiment with different looks. To look your stylish best this summer,here are the top 5 serious fashion bloopers you can steer clear of this summer.

Death by Print !


Yes the summer season means flowery prints and bright colors but the ‘flower princess’ look – not happening! Mixing prints and patterns is a hot trend however simply grabbing two odd pieces from your wardrobe won’t do. Creating a unique style statement by matching prints is no rocket science though. If done correctly, it can create a fab summer look you would love to flaunt. We don’t say be too careful, just don’t be careless.

Rhea says – “Mixing two small prints can make you look busy while combining two large patterns can create a gaudy, enormous look. The thumb rule – Don’t go overboard with color contrasts, rather work on creating a balanced look by combining a neutral print with a bold pattern. And it will really please the fashion police if your shoes are a single classy shade.” 

The Flip-flop Show

flip-flop2_miniFlip-flops are liberating and in this scorching heat, they are the one pair you would be tempted to wear while going out.

We say flip flops are ideal for grocery shopping, a weekend beach outing or a trip to the neighbor’s for some casual chitchat. That’s  about it. When getting ready for work or heading out for a date, lock them up where you can’t find them!

Furthermore, research says that wearing flip-flops for long hours or to walk long distances can lead to foot, knee and back problems in the long run since the flat rubber sole hardly offers any heel support.

Rhea says – “I love my flip flops but the only distance they have traveled so far is between my bedroom and my washroom. Oh yes, they have been to the beach as well”.

Strap Tease

strap1_miniAs cool as it may feel, exposing your inner wear to the world is passé. The only place where your red bra straps can show from under that dainty white blouse is in your bedroom. Same goes for the lovely lime green thong you so want to flaunt.

Rhea says – “Showing off inner wear is a timeless fashion faux pas that grips women like an epidemic every summer. The worst is when we flaunt worn-out, washed up and even dirty inner wear, thinking they are making a summer style statement. Strapless or transparent straps is the only way to go if you don’t want to be noticed for the wrong reasons. And if you absolutely must, invest in a pair of classy fashion strap accessories.”

The Love Handle Exposé 

bikini fat_miniThe ‘I don’t care two hoots’ attitude simply rocks, however applying the same logic to your swim wear may not be such a great idea. Why not elegantly cover that flab and give the world some real eye candy to watch while you are at your skimpiest best!

Rhea says – “Wearing a one piece bikini will not take the flab away but it will surely tuck in the problem area to give you a desirable shape. Stick to darker color tones to cleverly hide the flab.” 

Peacock’s Feet

feet-care_miniOnly a peacock can carry the ‘pretty face -ugly feet’ look with élan. While you perk up your summer wardrobe with everything that shows off a bit of skin, making sure that your feet are summer ready is equally important. There’s absolutely no saying how cracked heels or chipped nail paint can kill a perfectly laid out look. And yes, those flip flops won’t look half as good on unkempt feet.

Rhea says : “If you haven’t had the time to go to the salon, here’s a 15-minute quick fix for your wheels. Soak them in shampoo and warm water for about 10 minutes, use a foot scrub ( or a loofah, whichever is handy) to scrub out dead skin. Dry up and apply baby oil all over. A generous dose of cold cream mixed with concealer should help hide the cracks for the evening. Apply nail paint and you are ready to strut your stuff!”

We would absolutely love to hear your take on the season’s worst fashion blunders. Share your experiences with us in the comments below and save the world from some sartorial angst!