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Hello Gorgeous!

Two words that are bound to bring a smile to any woman’s face. We love compliments, don’t we! A genuine compliment uplifts a woman’s confidence & makes her feel real special. While nothing beats natural beauty, make up, if applied aesthetically can really enhance your beauty and bring out your most prominent features. For a woman who juggles between a hectic work schedule, family life and social obligations, make up can do wonders, it can instantly make you look fresh & feel good about yourself.

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My profession does demand a generous dose of make up almost every single day and hence, over the years I have learnt tricks and tips (thanks to Guru, a dear friend who is also my makeup wizard) which I am glad to share with you here today.

1. Moisturize well

Skin loses moisture faster than you can replace it so before you begin to apply make up, moisturizing is compulsory. Make up looks best on a skin that is cleansed & moisturized. The foundation settles in better & will not crack or look patchy.

2. Befriend the Primer

Primer is a cream or lotion that is applied before any other makeup. Improves coverage and keeps the makeup beautifully in place all day long. By that I mean if you have oily t-zones and dry cheeks, by the end of the day, your makeup looks the same on the entire face. Most primers are either transparent or very slightly tinted.

Another good thing about applying primer is that it holds on to your makeup for a longer period so you don’t have to worry about your foundation doing the disappearing act.

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The best part, it keeps the foundation and other makeup from seeping into the skin.

3. Foundation Basics

The color of your foundation can make or break your entire effort, so choose a color that’s closest to your skin tone.  A lighter tone, which many women use to appear fairer, would just turn grey & is a sure shot recipe for disaster. So is using too much foundation in trying to cover up imperfections (for those, there is a wonderful product called the concealer).

Apply the foundation all over your face and neck. I strongly recommend using a foundation brush instead of applying it with your fingers or a sponge, it will give you a much better finish.

The real trick is to blend it well and a blending brush does it best.

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4. Apply a concealer

This is what makes the skin look perfect. Use a sheer layer of foundation (so it doesn’t look caked on) and then use the concealer to hide any imperfections. Think of the concealer as an eraser. Apply it wherever you need to even out your skin – Dot the concealer over the blemish and blend into your skin with a brush.

5. Contouring

Now this is the part where you can create magic. The right contouring can make your cheek bones & jaw line more prominent. Chiseled cheekbones can completely transform your face.

Dip a blush brush into a blusher. Choose a more natural color such as a peach or a tone with a slightly brown base. They add color and render a fresh look to the face. Suck your cheeks in and apply the blush in upward motions to the hollow in your cheeks. Countering makes the face look slimmer.

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6. The Eye Shadow

Sometimes when I am not up to applying a lot of makeup, all I do is apply a dash of eye shadow which goes with my outfit and then some neutral shade of lip color and I am ready to rock.

For a casual look, choose three  (or two) shades from the same color family. Apply the lightest shade all over your lid (please use a good eye shadow brush and not your fingers). Now apply the second shade in the crease of your eye lid and gently blend it into the first layer. Also, use the same shade lightly under your lower lashes. The darkest shade is to be applied to the outer corner of your eye, for a dramatic yet subtle look. Just make sure to  blend it well with the second shade.

7. The Brows

This is one thing I never forget to do. Rightly done brows can change your face, it can make your face look more shapely, yet brows are the most ignored.

Take a small angular brush & create the arch. With a sharp tipped eyebrow pencil, work along the length of your brow in upward, diagonal strokes. Soften dark areas with a cotton swab.


8. Eye Liner & mascara

Eye liner looks absolutely divine on Indian women, and there’s an interesting range of colors you can experiment with. My personal favorites are blue, green, brown & black. I love the eye liner range by Mac & Bobby brown.

Mascara can make all the difference to your eyes, it can open up the eyes and give you a fresh, dewy look. And if you like to highlight the eyes, an eyelash curler is a must have. Curl those lashes & put generous amount of mascara on the eyes & look ultra-glamorous instantly.

For the goddess look, apply kajal and smudge it along the lower lid.

9. Lip Service

A lot of women do not realize the importance of shaping up the lips. Your lips could easily be your most sumptuous feature. Apply a lip pencil which is a shade darker than your lipstick, but not too dark. Do not go overboard or you could end up making your lips look too big. Underplay the pout. All you need is lips that are well defined. Lastly, fill in the lips with a lip color – go lighter during the day & experiment with the reds and browns during the night for the Diva effect.

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10. Buying the Right Make Up

Remember that Good make up is not an expense, it is an investment. It is something you apply on your face, your most treasured possession. The skin must be able to breathe through all the layers of make up so buy only the best brands. Good make up will last longer & gives better results. And the chances of any allergic reaction or skin going bad are almost nil. Same goes for make up tools. Investing in yourself sounds like a good idea to me 🙂

Make up can really lift your spirits on a dull day. Try it and do come back here to share your story with me.

Love always!


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