Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

Hey guys, Remember the lovely Monika Bhardwaj Batra from Style Files ? Well, the lady is back, and this time as guest author for Touch18.

Recently, when her beautiful tresses started to give her trouble, Monika decided to do a bit of research and came up with some very useful information, which she compiled into this blog. Very useful and doable advice on saving your hair from disappearing while you wonder what to do about it.

Here she goes!Monika new

I have never met someone who didn’t want great hair but recently I have met a lot of people (both men and women) who are talking about hair fall, mostly talking, because no one really knows what to do about it. The good news is, there’s a lot we can do to get and retain great hair.

I love my hair and when I noticed them falling, I had to do something concrete about it. The following information is the outcome of the research I did and it is indeed a pleasure to be creating awareness for one of the most critical health problems  – hair thinning, receding hairline, growing parting lines, dandruff, oily scalp and so on.

The root causes – I am sure most of us are aware of these – hormonal, hereditary, food and lifestyle habits, bad diet, weather conditions, stress and so on. So, I am here to talk only about REMEDIES!


1. Multivitamin is the Key

Time to admit that 99.99% of us have deficiency of vitamins, and also to debunk the myth that vitamins are only for children and the elderly. Men and women in late 20s / early 30s need them just as much. In fact late 20’s is a good time to supplement your diet with multi-vitamins. You could start with the ones specially created for hair strengthening, the added advantage is that they work well on skin and nails too.

I prefer GNC for its reputation and easy accessibility, some of my cousins in the US prefer Nature Made while some swear by NUTRALITE, being an Amway product. If you are allergic to something or have a history of BP, Sugar, thyroid, or if you are pregnant or planning on one, you may need to consult your doctor before you pop any of these. Otherwise these are fairly safe, water soluble vitamins, with almost zero side effects. They mostly come with free return guarantee so in case a product doesn’t suit you, it can be returned.

2. Food Matters. A Lot!

Monika redI am happy to reiterate on this one, while I personally hate all green leafy vegetables for their taste, they are the best in terms of nutrition. Kindly DO NOT OVERCOOK them, to avoid killing the nutrients. Almonds and walnuts are the best for hair health, hands down. Include them in your daily intake without fail and see the results within a month.

Other foods that are particularly good for hair are fresh fruits and juices, water 8-10 glasses a day, yogurt, blueberries, Banana-do not overeat banana to avoid tight stomach. If you are a non-vegetarian, you must include eggs, fish (particularly salmon) and oysters in your diet.

3. Oils DO NOT WORK !

I am sure this one comes as a complete shocker. Do you know that oil applied on the hair does not penetrate beyond the upper skin layer. If you are experiencing hair thinning and patchy baldness, applying all kinds of oils is the WORST you can do to your hair. And yes, for dandruff, oils are a complete no-no. Oiling acts as a good conditioner prior to washing, helps bring lustre to exterior hair, but if your hair is falling or thinning, you lose even more hair when you try to scrub away the oil during shampoo.

I would say opt for reliable, branded solutions available in the market. Some good ones are Livon Hair Grow OR Minoxidil (non-sticky). These don’t cost a bomb (Rs.600/- per bottle that will easily last you a month) and are very easy to use.

No no, these guys are not paying me for brand promotion, although in all fairness, they should 🙂 ..I have used the products myself and have experienced the results.

4. Grandmum’s Home Remedies – only the very best ones

Amla (Gooseberry)Monika_

A miraculous herb & my all-time favorite highly recommended ingredient for just about anything is AMLA – works wonders for hair. Here’s how to use it.

  • Add it to your regular fresh juices if you can, at home for regular oral intake.
  • Grate one Amla, separate the juice, mix an equal amount of lemon juice and apply an hour before washing your hair. You will see instant results after shampooing.

Fenugreek seeds (Methi)

  • Soak them overnight in water, in the morning as they become ripe and full, grind them to a paste. You can directly apply the paste on your hair before an hour of shampoo or mix the paste with dried Amla powder and Shikakai. You can also add an egg into the fenugreek paste if you do not mind the smell. Works wonders.
  • Boil few gooseberries in an iron vessel. Add shikakai if you can. Boil it to the extent that it starts leaving a black residue. Sieve the concoction, add henna and 4 eggs. Leave overnight and apply for 2-3 hours before shampoo. Strengthens hair and improves hair color. Repeat it once a month. 

5. Tying Oiled Hair Tight – Big Mistake!

Over night oiling and tying won’t save your hair, try these instead.

  • Opt for washing hair regularly (once in every 3-days is ideal),  use a shampoo high on Keratin, Tresemme’s new range of keratin Shampoos are really good. Do not use conditioner on the hair roots, only on the length and the ends, away from the scalp.
  • Make it a habit to use a conditioner after shampoo, it softens hair and reduces breakage by almost 90%. Plus it’s a must if you have colored or damaged hair.
  • Dryers should be strictly used only when styling your hair, as heat weakens hair and eventually breaks them.
  • Hair Spa is good for hair. Avail once a month. It won’t hurt your pocket so much and will strengthen the roots.
  • Do not over-comb, tie your hair loose, let it breathe! Whoever said vigorous combing brings shine to your hair, was bald I guess 🙂

So, take the one month challenge and do come back here to share the results. However, if you are suffering from patchy baldness and sudden & acute hair loss, it could be due to a medical condition, in which case, please consult a doctor at the earliest.

Stay Beautiful. Stay Young!