In Pursuit of Happiness – Ronil’s Reflections

Eat. Sleep. Love. Cry. Laugh. Earn. Exercise. Dance. Drive.  What is Life?

I am 25 years old and have spent a little over ten thousand hours just trying to figure out the answer to this question, and another. What is Death?

I have been hearing people trying to describe life in one word but personally I do not think anyone can describe it in a single word. I divide life into 3 parts: The life that we are living, life which we will live and the life we could have lived if we were not living this one. Sounds complicated? Blame my mathematical background which allows me to think in all probabilities.

I have a good job in a reputed company, earning what I deserve (or let me say less than what I deserve, since there is no formula to arrive at one’s worth in currency notes, I can’t prove it, but Yes! Greed is Good.


I have a supportive family, and I know that at the end of the day I will not sleep on an empty stomach as my salary and my doting family ensures that I can eat whatever I want. But am I happy? No… Why? Because I am a human being, I can never be happy.

I always look at other people’s lives and wish if I could live my life their way but  at the same time I forget that may be someone is looking into my life and wishing if they could live mine. I always do try to find happiness in my life, sometimes RAIN makes me feel happy and sometimes it’s the same RAIN which irritates me.

I know one thing, my happiness is not in my circumstances, it is in my own self. I always want to be happy and when a happy moment comes, I want to freeze everything to make it last forever. For a long time now, I have believed that Happiness is a destination and not a journey, a belief I need to unlearn. It is the journey that really counts.

Sometimes people end their lives in anger and frustration and I wonder how they could do such a thing. Who gave them the right to take such a drastic step, what drove them to terminate a beautiful journey abruptly? Coming into this world is not our decision, it is our parents’ wish AND our sheer luck to win the race against our 300 million brothers and sisters who were competing for a chance to be born into this beautiful world.


To be born was my first victory. I am a born winner and no one in this world can defeat me. I am Me. To make my life more meaningful and more enjoyable, I will begin by answering these few questions.

–          Who am I?

–          Where do I currently stand in my life?

–          What role do I play in others’ lives? (brother, son, friend, role model, teacher, partner)

–          Am I living to my fullest potential?

–          Am I happy? Fulfilled? At peace?

–          Why, or why not?


I want to decode the formula for being happy, and I will use this check list to reach there

–          Stay Healthy

–          Stay Young

–          Stay Active

–          Stay Lovable

–          Stay Approachable

–          Stay Rooted

–          Stay Updated


I am an intelligent man but I am afraid I will never be able to find the answer of this question “What is Life?”. What is your advice for living a happy life? Share it in comments and I would love to try it. Because I don’t have anything to lose, I will only learn.