The LBD Makeover – How To Fall Back In Love With Your Little Black Dress

Bored with your Little Black Dress?  

If you own an LBD, it stands a very good chance of landing in the ‘can’t repeat’ pile of outfits in your closet, and that’s certainly not where it belongs. As fabulously versatile as an LBD can be, most women do not know what to do with it once they have worn it a few times. An LBD is still an all time classic and with a little imagination, you can create a refreshingly interesting story with it every single time.

Here’s some interesting makeover tips for your Lovely Black Dress. 

Dress it Up 

For a sophisticated look, pair up your LBD with a scarf in stripes or geometrical prints. The very loud bandana from your trip to Goa or the exquisite Jaipur bandhini reserved for special occasions – all deserve a chance to date your elusive LBD once in a while. And yes, don’t forget mum’s pashmina, if you can get your hands on it that is.

Add a splash of color with a Scarf



The woman, the dress and a generous dose of metal. A beautiful neck piece in gold, silver or black metal paired with your classic LBD can create a dazzling evening look. Do go subtle on the makeup and let the jewelry do the talking. 

LBD Necklace-c


Color Therapy

Think of your LBD as the center piece and work to create a lively ambiance around it. Add splashes of  color with shoes, bags, sunglasses, nail paints and make up. The quiet base color of the dress will balance out the neons.

LBD neon


Let Your Hair Down

Fashion says wear it like a lady. Style says wear it the way you love it. Team up your formal outfit with a pair of bright colored sneakers for a refreshing weekend look.



Of Layred Style

Perfect for those November evenings when there’s a little nip in the air but you simply refuse to cover up those lovely legs. From shrugs to jackets to overcoats, gift your LBD a stylish winter companion to cozy up with.



Go Waist It!

The right belt can infuse so much life into a plain little black number. Experiment with glitter belts, colored belts, waistbands and even a lacy bow until you get that perfect sassy new look.



A Lacy Facelift

This might require a bit of an effort but you will love the outcome of your creative genius. Lace sleeves are the latest international trend. Give your LBD a trendy makeover by having your local tailor sew on sleeves in intricate black lace. You can also have the same lace trimming sewn into the hemline. Do remember to take the dress with you when shopping for the lace, will help you get the exact shade of black that goes with the dress.



There you go! Did we manage to get your creative juices flowing? Share your style story with us at We would love to feature your Style Reengineering ideas at the Touch18 blog.

Stay Stylish. Stay Young!

Team Touch18