How to Stay Young Naturally – Ananya Chaudhuri’s Secret to Everlasting Youth

“Youth was a butterfly I kept chasing, until one day I learnt I had spent most of my youth chasing it”.

They say age is only a number and you are as old as you let yourself feel. Perhaps they are right. Then why do so many of us spend our time and resources trying to prolong our youth for as long as possible? Perhaps because staying young means you are desirable, you can achieve your goals, have fun, earn more money, party, drink, travel.


Ever since Yoga came into my life, staying young has come to mean staying healthy, calm, positive, and forever curious to learn and do more with my life. Young is indeed a state of mind and here are some of the things I have imbibed into my life that help me stay young inspite of the days, months and years slipping by.

Eat natural

There is indeed no dearth of advice on eating healthy, is there! We get it from everywhere – family, friends, TV shows, the internet. We know it all, but many are not able to incorporate healthy eating into their lives. Do you ever wonder why?

It’s because they probably haven’t reached a point where they listen to their body saying ,”Nourish me, replenish me, stop abusing me.” But we all reach that place sooner or later. When you start loving your only true asset, mindful eating becomes a habit. When you feel love for your body, you will ensure that your meals have plenty of natural food and less and less of processed, toxic junk. Nothing works like self motivation.

Experience nature

Whether it’s a camping trip, sitting under a tree reading a book or simply watching the sunset, relishing the beauty of nature is an instant rev-up for the spirit. It works for me every single time. Take time to enjoy the blue of the skies, the green of the trees and let the sliver of the moonlight fall on your face. When your soul is happy, it is bound to reflect on your physical appearance.


Just walk

Walking is an indispensable part of my life. Those who are addicted to it say walking, or any other form of physical activity, is like therapy. It’s refreshes the mind, opens physical and even emotional knots and eases tightness. Fitness experts say walking 10,000 steps a day (about 5 miles or 8 km)  is a simple way to ensure good health and helps ward off disease and aging.

Sounds tough? On an average, we walk about 2000-3000 steps a day. To begin with, you can set yourself a smaller goal of 5000 steps a day (appx. 4 km) and take from there. And if you can’t walk, Dance.


Use the right side of your brain more often

Science says the right side of our brain harbors creativity, art, emotion, imagination, fun, and freedom. However, in the practical world, most of us tend to me right brained, logical, analytical, almost like a robot. Honor your interests, listen to your heart and find time to follow your passions.  As the great Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”


Be with people who inspire you and accept you the way you are

You can’t change your boss. But you are free to choose the people you hang out with. Be with people who exude positive energy, people who don’t judge you or are constantly trying to improve you. Accept that it is okay to want to read a book on a Friday night when everyone else is partying. It does not make one boring or uncool. It makes you, YOU.


Nurture your soul with Love

“Oh, but love lies listlessly on the back seat, waiting for the moment when I will say, Come drive me home”.

So many of us keep love on the back burner, forgetting the good old flutter it created in our hearts and our lives. Love is the ultimate anti-aging, anti-stress, anti-negativity potion. Vow to reconnect with your loved one(s), let the Love flow.


Pop fewer pills

Avoid taking conventional medication, unless absolutely necessary. The chemicals in medication combined with environmental pollutamts wreak havoc on vital internal organs including the kidneys, the lungs and the liver. Feed your body as few chemicals as possible. Resort to natural therapies such as yoga, meditation, herbal remedies for greater wellness.

Prioritize your Time, Effort and Resources

Now what does that have to do with staying young, you might ask. The answer is simple. When we focus on the unnecessary, our mind, body and even our spirit get gradually fatigued. You are beautiful creation of nature and while you cannot stop time from passing, you can surely be more mindful of how you pass that time.


Run if it makes you happy, but once in a while, stop to check what you really want to run after.


I am often asked about the special things I do for my skin, hair and so on. In fact, not much. The only explanation I have is that I am surrounded by people who love me and appreciate the way I live my life. Positive energy is so essential to my survival and thanks to my people, I get plenty of it. Perhaps that is what reflects in the way I look? 🙂

Stay Young. Touch 18 Everyday!