12 Clever Ways To Hide Tummy Flab | Bottom Wear, Shape Wear and More…

Hello ladies ! I am back with some more gyan on How To Hide Tummy Flab. Here’s the first part in case you missed it – 12 Clever Ways To Hide Tummy Flab | TOPWEAR

Pants n Jeans

We so love low rise jeans, but to suppress the fat, a midrise would be a wiser choice. For trousers, choose cuts that are ever so slightly flared at the bottom. This helps balance out a wide belly. Women with a broad mid section may avoid tapered pants as they can make the stomach look even wider. No cropped tops please if you want to avoid that unsightly muffin top.

Also, steer clear of pleated fronts, side pockets or any other feature that may attract attention to your middle.

jeans3_mini (1)

Mid Waist Pants Sit Right Below The Belly Button


The thing with skirts is that even if it is low waisted, you can slightly pull one up and use a belt to hold it in place. Skirts with a banded waist will help tuck in the flab while pleats or gathering may widen out the tummy area. A line skirts which rest slightly below the knee work wonders for heavy torsos. My personal favorite – those long dreamy maxi skirts in super soft flowy dreamy fabrics that drape the female form and yet conceal it beautifully.

skirts collage_mini

Skirts Add Grace To The Female Form

Shape Wear

Many of my clients say that they know about shape wear but have no clue what to buy or which one will do the trick.  Here’s a quick lowdown on what shape wear can do for you.

Tummy Tuckers – Seamless briefs that rest just below the belly button, covering the entire stomach and back.

Hip and Thigh Cover – Apart from shaping the stomach, these cover the thigh and hip area as well, concealing the flab and creating a smooth, flawless silhouette.

Body Liners – Body suits provide maximum coverage and are a great choice if you need something to even out the entire torso. It’s like a one piece thinning garment you can easily wear under a two piece outfit.

And then there are corsets and waist belts. A waist belt may come in handy under an off shoulder cocktail dress. I personally find corsets a bit stifling, would prefer something that lets me breathe..!


It Makes You Feel Sexy As Well !

Swim Dresses

Got a bulge, will not swim. Not until the flab is gone. Well, that may take a while  so why not look for a solution such as skirted swim wear. As the name suggests, it is a one-piece A-line short dress that falls beautifully over the tummy and upper thighs.

I love the way a swim dress sets a woman free, taking away the inhibition and letting water babes do what they love. And if you must sport that two piece bikini, team it up with a stylish sheer cover up and let the onlookers play a guessing game while you saunter around feeling oh so stylish!

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Beyond the Skimpy Two Piece Bikini

Workout Wear

I want to ask you this ladies. How many of you like the sight of protruding bellies and backsides moving around in branded gym clothes? Not many I would say. And I personally know women who do not know what to wear to the gym except awfully loose tshirts and never ending sweatpants. I say, try these – layer up a pair of tights with a sassy short skirt. Wear a high waisted pair of workout capri pants with a slightly longish sleeveless tshirt. And then some!

Work out in Style

Work out in Style

Indian Ethnic

I have seen many a beautiful Indian outfits murdered with bad tailoring. None the less, nothing like a desi kurti to disguise the bumps and bulges to present an even, shapely silhouette. With its many layers, the anarkali is a good choice, however it may not work for  everyone. Try a layered skirt or a ghaghra instead,  a refreshing change from the usual salwar-churidar routine.


Indian Silhouette is a Wonderful Keeper of Secrets


Did I miss anything? Feel free to enlighten me and your fellow readers with your own tips in comments.